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Specialised support for Leaders and Teams

Today’s leaders and teams are expected to deliver results and resolve problems in environments of increasing complexity. They must be adaptive and flexible by embracing new ways of thinking, diagnosing issues and leveraging the collaborative power of the team.

The heightened pressure to perform indicates a vital need for professional guidance and support by way of consultation, leadership training and facilitation.

Head in the right direction with Agent of Change Leadership Training Melbourne.Agent of Change Leadership Training  Melbourne designs and leads specialised programs, events and meetings in order to:

  • Drive profitable outcomes though Group Process Facilitation
  • Build high-performing teams through Team Training
  • Inspire adaptive leaders through Leadership Facilitation

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Heath’s ability to create optimal spaces for learning and development coupled with his dynamic facilitation and training skills, ensures his clients are able to increase their self-awareness and build their strengths in order to be more engaged team members and more confident leaders.

Catherine Trahair, Executive Director, MAINtrain, Clifton Hill     read more


Leadership training and team training delivers lasting results and ROI.

Leadership Facilitation

Leading is a process of social influence often thought to be a ‘natural quality’. More accurately it is a learnt competency that requires consistent development.

The role of a leader is varied. Success is predominantly defined by one’s ability to motivate, relate, communicate, have situational awareness and work advantageously with emotions.

Agent of Change Leadership Training Melbourne will help you and your leaders to:

  • Refine and finesse a repertoire of leadership styles
  • Build personal authority
  • Plan and conduct difficult conversations
  • Influence effectively and gain buy-in
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Develop behavioural flexibility
  • Enhance self-awareness
  • Learn to coach and mentor
  • Adopt a ‘systems thinking’ approach
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With Heath’s coaching and facilitation my confidence and ability in leadership has improved dramatically. I was always technical type of leader, often challenged by difficult conversations with my staff. I now achieve better outcomes in leadership and management sooner, and have a much-improved relationship with my staff.

Tony Gullone, Department Co-ordinator, Public Sector, Bundoora     read more


Group Process Facilitation

Receive experienced group facilitation with Agent of Change Corporate Training Melbourne.Do your teams and leaders find it challenging to align their expertise and implement strategies?

This common hurdle can be an indicator of a larger dynamic playing out within the broader organisational system. It is, in fact, a strategic opportunity for resolve, learning and role-development through Group Process Facilitation.

Agent of Change Leadership Training Melbourne assists groups to get to the root cause of systemic issues quickly and effectively, while guiding them towards strategies in alignment with organisational objectives.


Group Process Facilitation assists clients with:

  • Vigorous team-building
  • Restoring and improving communication
  • Establishing a strategic vision and mission
  • Modeling constructive discussion and resolution
  • Role-based learning and development

As your lead facilitator, Heath Myers will:

  • Provide a professional, game-changing experience
  • Guide interactive and inclusive group processes
  • Illuminate expertise and boost collaboration
  • Model an adaptive and positive mindset
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Heath challenges current thought patterns and encourages curiosity around the norm. If you are seeking coaching, training and facilitation that will get people a little uncomfortable and encourage adaptive thinking to inspire growth, then Heath is for you.

Carol Campbell, CEO, NIET, Frankston     read more


Team Training

Build better teams with leadership development and executive coaching.It was Aristotle who said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. High-performing corporate teams and businesses exemplify this dictum.

When each individual excels in their role and the team works as one, the power of the group escalates. Results and profits soar.

With Agent of Change Leadership Training Melbourne your teams will:

  • Form easily and quickly with rapport and trust
  • Embrace robust and open conversation, promoting innovation and great decision-making
  • Engage and commit to strategic actions
  • Become accountability partners – maintain standards and deadlines
  • Be driven by results and team objectives

Enhance group confidence and cohesion with Heath Myers. 

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