Executive Coaching: How it gets results

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne has a replicable formula for achievable results. The coaching process and model is comprehensive, thorough and applicable to all desired outcomes. The service is accessible in a variety of ways, including discount packages.

The 9 Milestones of Professional Development and Leadership

Agent of Change considers these milestones to be the key competencies and understandings that enable growth, positive change and success in your role and business.



Mindset Shift

Develop an exceptional mindset. Be a thought leader and excel in your role, in leadership and life. Cultivate your qualities, know your strengths, nourish your thoughts.


Communication & Influence

Communicate confidently and with influence. Speak with personal authority. Easily build trust and rapport. Enhance workplace and stakeholder relations. Get ‘buy-in’.


Roles & Systems

Organisations are systems. How you fulfil your role influences the success of that system. Act consciously and make choices that promise exceptional results.


Behaviour Change

Understand drivers of behavior, actions and words. Develop behavioural flexibility and awareness. Take practical steps to enact real change. Address derailing behavior.


Emotional Intelligence

Understand, utilise, recognise and manage emotions. Use emotions as a guidance system for behavior and thought. Enhance productivity, engagement and relationships.



Understand and know yourself. Be aware of your actions. Enhance your awareness, attention, intention, clarity and focus. Learn mindfulness and operate more consciously.


Motivation, Action & Targets

Move from procrastination to motivation. Find fulfillment in your role. Sharpen your focus on results. Manage your time effectively. Plan and achieve your goals.


Confident Resourcefulness

You have all you need to achieve your best results. Access emotional, mental and physical states whenever you require or desire. Be resourceful.


Unconditional Positive Regard

Accept and respect yourself and others. Resolve internal conflict. Develop an infectious positive attitude. Cultivate a climate of regard that enhances your results.

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Executive Coaching Service Packaging

Agent of Change Executive Coaching services are accessible in one of three ways.


1 Session

Performance Enhancer

This first level package is perfect for addressing a minor block or assisting you to develop a specific skill set to quickly enhance your performance and mindset.

Face-to-face or Skype Coaching

1 x 2 hour session + resources


3 Session Performance

Booster Package

The second level package is designed to give you boost by addressing the root cause of a major block. Includes additional support to implement your development.

Face-to-face or Skype Coaching

3 x 2 hour session
+ resources and support


6 Session Performance

Breakthrough Package

The premium package is for those serious about experiencing a full breakthrough. An in-depth process strategy. Ongoing support to ensure lasting results.

Face-to-face or Skype Coaching

6 x 2 hour session
+ resources and support

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The 6 Session Coaching Journey

The Performance Breakthrough Package is a highly recommended journey of learning and implementation.
This is what it looks like.

Executive Coaching Melbourne  Performance Breakthrough Model - Corporate Coaching
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