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Give yourself ‘the edge’

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne guarantees results.

In business you must be ready for change and new challenges. Your ability to adapt and excel is what gives you ‘the edge’ and makes you a key player in the overall success of your role, your team and your organisation.


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I developed mindset and emotional tools to differentiate myself in the executive world. I have seen great benefits both professionally and personally and recommend Heath’s services for those ready to experience more from themselves.

Andrew Webster, Director, Governance Controls, Brunswick East     read more


Enhance performance

Get results and meet your targets!Organisations are dynamic systems of people excelling towards their highest collaborative potential. Whether running an independent business or being part of a large corporation, the performance of leaders and team members has a direct effect on business outcomes, profitability and growth.

Your mindset, emotional state and physical wellbeing must be geared for results.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is results-focused, practical consultation designed to enhance your mindset and performance in your role, your team, in leadership and in life. Expect to be your ‘new best’ with an increased level of effectiveness, engagement and personal fulfilment.


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Personal support for professionals

Receive personal support for professionals with executive coachingIt’s not uncommon for personal issues unrelated to the workplace to have a direct effect on professional performance. Separating personal and professional life can be difficult. Often people resist seeking support from their colleagues due to concerns of confidentiality and appearing vulnerable.

This suggests the need for personal support from an external source, making a coach a valuable asset and objective sounding board for the business and its people.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne offers confidential counsel for personal and professional life challenges. Clients discover they are able to find resolve and maintain a balance between work and personal affairs. Self-esteem, confidence, motivation and engagement will always improve with the right support.


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As a result of Heath’s insights and practical advice, accompanied by clear action steps, I successfully progressed my career whilst finding an effective balance between work and a rewarding family life.

Brian K, Director, Pride Property Group, Balwyn North     read more


Reach your peak with Agent of Change Executive Coaching MelbournePeak state coaching

Peak performers access optimal states of emotional and mental resourcefulness whenever they require it. Applying emotional intelligence and maintaining focus, energy and clarity are competencies that can be developed.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne provides practical and innovative techniques that will empower you to access peak states under pressure and with ease.


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Benefits and rewards

Engaging an executive coach is a popular, rewarding and successful strategy. A coach stands beside your business rather than inside it, so their objective perspective sees what’s truly possible beyond limiting beliefs and resistance to change.

Experience the positive impact of Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne:

  • Master your mindset
  • Change behaviour for the better
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Gain work / life balance
  • Guide and develop emerging leaders
  • Embrace new ways of thinking
  • Know your strengths
  • Have an accountability partner
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Build high performing teams
  • Broaden career and role opportunities
  • Love your job and expect success
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With Heath’s help I have experienced an obvious change in my attitude, and acceleration in my performance and abilities. I have since received a significant pay increase, more recognition and greater enjoyment in a role that I previously considered was “killing me”.

Michael Stockinger, General Manager, SIQ Sales & Marketing, Melbourne     read more


Hire an executive coach and increase your return on investmentResults and ROI

A 2009 survey conducted in the USA by Pricewaterhousecoopers for the International Coach Federation (ICF) revealed that the mean return on investment in executive coaching was 700%, with over a quarter of clients reporting an impressive ROI of 1000% to 4900%.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is dedicated to delivering a valuable experience and observable results. Clients and colleagues will notice the difference; family and friends will too.


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Executive coaching builds better teamsWho is Executive Coaching for?

  • Individuals, teams and organisations from all sectors
  • Executives, managers and officers
  • People wanting to enhance specific professional skill sets e.g. influencing, public speaking, sales and leadership
  • Professionals transitioning roles and careers
  • Clients who are serious about results


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I’ve participated in both group and individual coaching sessions with Heath, I can say from personal experience that his capacity to help you achieve tangible results and build an exceptional executive mindset makes him a standout practitioner.

Karyn M, Organisational Development, Public Sector, Melbourne     read more


Heath has an excellent coaching style that differentiates itself from other services that exist in the market by working to identify the real drivers behind what motivates you as an individual. You are then in a position to use this new information to create an action oriented plan that helps facilitate the real change you are looking for going forward. I highly recommend Agent of Change.

B.P, Project Manager, Melbourne    read more

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