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I used to find it quite challenging to continually maintain my positivity and focus in a fast paced corporate environment.

Working with Heath has enabled me to become more self-aware, which has assisted me to think more positively and stay present at times when in the past I may have been consumed by the demands of my role. I now make a conscious effort to practice Heath’s mindfulness exercises regularly and it helps me concentrate and stay grounded when things seem out of control. Great practices Heath!

Cathy McDonald, Senior Change Analyst, KPMG, Northcote

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Heath’s practices are a fantastic entry point into engaging in meditation.

I chose to work with Heath at an extremely busy time for me work wise, in fact my busiest time of the year. The meditation techniques and exercises I learnt were extremely helpful during this time. I found myself going into each weekly session highly stressed and unable to focus but left feeling calm and ‘reset’ for another week. I am still using the tools about twice a week to help maintain balanced energy and mood because they work. I found Heath to be an engaging and lively teacher with a highly practical approach.

Matthew Bonner, Director, Let Them Eat Cake Events, East Brunswick

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I am now more present in what I am doing.

In the short time I have practiced with Heath I have learned how to cope with everyday stress and emotions by having the awareness to breathe deeply and center myself. I am now more present in what I am doing. I highly recommend Heath’s work, through it you will discover important personal resources. I apply these tools regularly and can see a real difference in how I feel.

Leah Healy, Project Manager, Outer Urban Projects, Coburg

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Heath teaches with clarity fusing many movement and meditation disciplines into a format easily understood and applied.

Heath’s programs will improve the way you feel and think and I have come away with many new practical tools I can apply to enhance the quality of my work and life. Thanks Heath.

J. Miller-Williams, Software Developer & Consultant, Northcote

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I really enjoyed Heath’s classes.

Heath’s ability to help people tap into resourceful states is quite an inspiration and the tools he provides are a step in the right direction to attaining the same ability. I plan to continue practicing the skills I’ve learned.

Greg Berlin, Senior Application Developer, Melbourne

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It’s been a most valuable investment working with Heath, and a lot of fun too.

Heath has an extraordinary way of opening people up to the truth within themselves and teaches with integrity; modeling his message constantly. What I respect and appreciate about him is the way he can make broad and complex concepts practical; he deeply understands his content and is therefore able to teach with simplicity. I’ll miss the classes.

Alison Nurthen, Senior Learning and Capability Officer, Public Sector, Bundoora

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Since studying with Heath, life and work have definitely taken a positive turn.

I now feel more centered, focused and clear. I know how to deal with adversity, how to welcome change and how to trust in myself. The mindfulness techniques have definitely had a major positive influence personally and professionally. I highly recommend it.

Niccollama Layman, Office Manager, PSD, Bayswater

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