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Do you prioritise wellness in the workplace?

Agent of Change Corporate Wellness Melbourne bringing stress relief to the workplace.Corporate environments can be intense and stressful. Competitive business increases the demands on staff and often with limited resources. As a result, people are expected to multi-task, work longer hours and increase their responsibilities. Health and wellness can become a lesser priority, when in fact they are obviously contributing factors to the company’s profitability and the employee’s quality of life.

Agent of Change Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Melbourne offers specialized programs and facilitation in mindfulness, meditation and movement practices that will:

  • Relieve stress and anxiety
  • Increase health and wellbeing
  • Enhance self-awareness and engagement
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Working with Heath has enabled me to become more self-aware, which has assisted me to think more positively and stay present at times when in the past I may have been consumed by the demands of my role.

Cathy McDonald, Senior Change Analyst, KPMG, Northcote     read more


Corporate Wellness delivers results

Mindfulness and corporate wellness delivers results.Rather than being a space of focus and productivity, the modern workplace is full of distractions that can amplify tension. Technology sets a fast pace for employees. Communication devices feed a never-ending inbox of tasks and duties. How many conversation threads do you have running at any given moment through email, text, social media and intranets?

Consequently, people have become accustomed to operating in a tense state of responsive immediacy, fueled by stress hormones and artificial stimulants. The signs of fatigue are obvious with increased physical depletion, emotional instability, mental ailments and staff disengagement.

Corporate Wellness must become a top priority for high performing organisations and business people who wish to maximize outcomes and the engagement of their teams and leaders.

Corporate Wellness practices will bring lasting results to your organisation.

  • Improve staff engagement and retention
  • Increase productivity and effectiveness
  • Strengthen employee relations
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Decrease health care claims
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A 2008 study commissioned by Medibank Private showed that in 2007 the total cost of work-related mental stress to the Australian economy was $14.81 billion; the direct cost to employers alone in stress-related presenteeism and absenteeism was $10.11 billion. These figures would be even higher if they included the hidden costs associated with re-staffing and re-training.1


Reduce stress with mindfulness and meditation

Meditation in the workplace increases mindfulness and self-awareness.Regular meditation is a valuable and trusted method of increasing wellbeing and mental calm. In particular, mindfulness is widely acknowledged as an effective means of reducing stress and improving mental and emotional health.

Mindfulness is a powerful practice of mind-body awareness that is simple and easy to learn. It involves becoming objectively aware of the present moment by focusing on breath, feelings and bodily sensations. It is a deeply relaxing process that empowers people to avoid unconscious, automatic reactions to their emotions and environment.

Mindfulness based practices are suitable for beginners and people who find meditation challenging. They promote a state of open, active attentiveness and do not involve spiritual dogma or religious ideology.

Agent of Change Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Melbourne offers training, facilitation and online resources in meditation and mindfulness based techniques for reducing emotional and mental stress, and promoting self-awareness in the workplace.

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Research shows that mindfulness based practices have positive effects on psychological wellbeing. People who meditate experience beneficial changes in brain activity and structure that assists them to improve their thinking, perception, decision-making and emotional regulation.2

In the short time I have practiced with Heath I have learned how to cope with everyday stress and emotions by having the awareness to breathe deeply and center myself. I am now more present in what I am doing.

Leah Healy, Project Manager, Outer Urban Projects, Coburg     read more

Heath is an engaging and lively teacher with a highly practical approach. I found myself going into each weekly session highly stressed and unable to focus but left feeling calm and ‘reset’ for another week.

Matthew Bonner, Director, Let Them Eat Cake Events, East Brunswick     read more


Regular mindfulness practice increases corporate wellness as well as staff retention and engagement.Restore wellness with mindful-movement activities

The benefits of meditation and mindfulness practice are optimised by also engaging in mindful-movement activities such as yoga, chi gong, tai chi and other embodiment arts.

Coordinating breath with gentle physical movement brings awareness and focus into the body and eliminates distracting thoughts. The nervous system becomes calm, promoting the release of beneficial hormones, peptides and neurotransmitters. This process reduces stress, enhances brain function, increases vitality and restores wellness. Mental tasks and everyday activities are met with a renewed sense of energy and focus, helping you to perform at your peak.

Agent of Change Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Melbourne has adapted the best of contemporary and eastern embodiment arts to support the corporate lifestyle. These techniques bring immediate and lasting results to your overall wellbeing. They are easy to practice and suitable for people of all ages and levels of physical health.

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Research indicates that practicing yoga greatly improves mood stability,3 reducing depression, anger and anxiety.4 Research also shows that meditative-movement activities, such as chi gong and tai chi, significantly reduce blood pressure, anxiety and depression while promoting self-confidence, self-esteem, physical function and immunity.5


Maintain wellbeing in the workplace with Agent of Change Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Melbourne.Results

  • Enhance self-awareness and presence
  • Increase energy, clarity and focus
  • Reduce anxiety, anger and depression
  • Feel relaxed and calm
  • Improve confidence
  • Build emotional intelligence
  • Develop a positive and productive mindset
  • Improve decision making under pressure
  • Stay centered in demanding circumstances
  • Become more resilient
  • Recover quickly from crisis and personal challenge
  • Believe in your potential
  • Experience stable mood patterns
  • Have a better relationship with yourself and others
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Heath’s programs will improve the way you feel and think and I have come away with many new practical tools I can apply to enhance the quality of my work and life.

J. Miller-Williams, Software Developer & Consultant, Northcote     read more

Heath’s ability to help people tap into resourceful states is quite an inspiration and the tools he provides are a step in the right direction to attaining the same ability. I plan to continue practicing the skills I’ve learned.

Greg Berlin, Senior Application Developer, Melbourne     read more


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