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Heath is a dedicated results oriented facilitator.

Heath is a dedicated, results oriented facilitator who expertly draws out the participants inner resources in order to help them find their own way forward. As a coach, he demonstrates first hand the personal presence and congruency that program participants will soon learn to live for themselves.

Morgan Williams, Program Manager ‘Post People 1st’, Australia Post, Melbourne

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Professional, insightful and curious of mind – I highly recommend Heath Myers.

Heath challenges current thought patterns and encourages curiosity around the norm. He’s a dynamic coach and an experienced leadership facilitator, so if you are seeking coaching, training and facilitation that will get people a little uncomfortable and encourage adaptive thinking to inspire growth, then Heath is for you.

Carol Campbell, CEO, NIET, Frankston

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Heath introduced me to new ways of thinking in both business and personal life.

Before I engaged Heath’s services I was disorganized and felt pressured; I was losing my energy and enthusiasm. With Heath’s help I have experienced an obvious change in my attitude, and acceleration in my performance and abilities. I have since received a significant pay increase, more recognition and greater enjoyment in a role that I previously considered was “killing me”. I am now able to utilise my work time better without sacrificing the quality of my personal life. With Heath you will get results.

Michael Stockinger, General Manager, SIQ Sales & Marketing, Melbourne

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With coaching from Heath I learnt effective techniques and processes for increasing my engagement and managing stress.

Heath also assisted me to shift limiting mindsets and gain a fresh perspective in the workplace. As a result of Heath’s insights and practical advice, accompanied by clear action steps, I successfully progressed my career whilst finding an effective balance between work and a rewarding family life. Thank you Heath.

Brian K, Director, Pride Property Group, Balwyn North

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More engaged team members and more confident leaders.

I’ve coached and facilitated alongside Heath extensively. Heath’s ability to create optimal spaces for learning and development coupled with his dynamic facilitation and training skills, ensures his clients are able to increase their self-awareness and build their strengths in order to be more engaged team members and more confident leaders.

Catherine Trahair, Executive Director, MAINtrain, Clifton Hill

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I developed mindset and emotional tools to differentiate myself in the executive world.

Heath’s ability to inquire into subconscious thoughts and behaviours has allowed me to understand my internal decision making strategies, which I have been able to positively adjust with observable results. A secondary benefit was reconnecting with my values and what truly inspires me in life. I have seen great benefits both professionally and personally and recommend Heath’s services for those ready to experience more from themselves, not only in their role but in all aspects of life.

Andrew Webster, Director, Governance Controls, Brunswick East

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Heath connects in a way that resonates long after a session has concluded.

I’ve participated in both group and individual coaching sessions with Heath, I can say from personal experience that his capacity to help you achieve tangible results and build an exceptional executive mindset makes him a standout practitioner. Of particular value is his ability to seamlessly adjust his coaching approach specifically to the client’s needs and preferences. Heath aptly balances challenge with support and uses a coaching style that results in increased self-awareness, deeper personal insight and inspires long-lasting change.

Karyn M, Organisational Development, Public Sector, Melbourne

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Coaching and facilitation with Heath resulted in a great development in my leadership.

With Heath’s coaching and facilitation my confidence and ability in leadership has improved dramatically. I was always technical type of leader, often challenged by difficult conversations with my staff. I have now learnt and applied the elements of ‘adaptive leadership’ and have the courage to mindfully deal with staff issues as they arise in an open and constructive manner. I now achieve better outcomes in leadership and management sooner, and have a much-improved relationship with my staff. Thank you Heath for the great support.

Tony Gullone, Department Co-ordinator, Public Sector, Bundoora

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Heath assisted me with motivational issues.

For a long time there was something subconsciously holding me back from achieving everything I knew I was capable of, but I wasn’t sure what it was. Heath was able to address my issues, the blockages in my past and my subconscious fears around success and failure. Somehow he drew all of these fears out and helped me address them one by one. A few weeks later I was off and running and I haven’t stopped since. Thank you Heath.

Sharon Knighton, Business Owner, Carnegie

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Heath has an excellent coaching style that differentiates itself.

Heath has an excellent coaching style that differentiates itself from other services that exist in the market by working to identify the real drivers behind what motivates you as an individual. You are then in a position to use this new information to create an action oriented plan that helps facilitate the real change you are looking for going forward. I highly recommend Agent of Change.

B.P, Project Manager, Melbourne

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