Leadership Facilitation


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Leadership Facilitation & Team Training

Today’s leaders and teams are expected to deliver results and resolve problems in environments of ever-increasing complexity. Now more than ever they are required to be adaptive and embrace new ways of thinking, diagnosing issues, taking action and harnessing the collaborative power of the team.

This increased pressure to perform indicates the greater need for professional guidance and support in way of consulting, training and facilitation.

Agent of Change Leadership Facilitation and Corporate Training Melbourne can design and lead specialized programs, events and meetings in order to:

  • Drive profitable outcomes though group process facilitation
  • Build high performing teams through training and development
  • Inspire adaptive leaders through systemic role based learning

Do you need experienced support to develop your leaders and build high performing teams?

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Group Facilitation: Driving profitable outcomes

In the process of collaborating and sharing a vision, issues and conflicts can arise within a team and amongst leaders. These challenges are often indicators of a larger dynamic playing out within the broader organisational system and present a strategic opportunity for resolve, learning, leadership and role-development through Group Process Facilitation.

Agent of Change helps teams get to the root cause of systemic issues quickly and efficiently whilst guiding them to appropriate outcomes and strategies in alignment with oragnisational objectives.

Agent of Change Leadership Facilitation and Corporate Training Melbourne provides:

  • Professional and experienced facilitation
  • Well planned group processes
  • An inclusive and participatory experience allowing information to surface from within the group
  • Models a professional and positive attitude

Group facilitation can assist with:

  • Building high performing teams
  • Modeling a constructive resolution process
  • Improving team communication
  • Developing a strategic vision, mission and values system
  • Role based learning and development
  • Conflict resolution

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Training: Building high performing teams

It was Aristotle who said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. This can certainly be the case, in reference to corporate teams and businesses, when the team is high performing.

The power leveraged through individual role responsibility and healthy collaboration brings results and profitability.

With assistance from Agent of Change Leadership Facilitation and Corporate Training Melbourne your teams will learn to:

  • Form easily and quickly through developing honesty, trust and rapport
  • Communicate openly and challenge each other’s ideas in order to innovate and make great decisions
  • Have agreed engagement and commitment to strategic actions
  • Become accountability partners, maintaining agreed standards and meeting deadlines
  • Perform with attentiveness to results and team objectives

Agent of Change assists teams to increase group effectiveness, confidence and cohesiveness.

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