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Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne guarantees results.

In business you must constantly be ready for change and new challenges. Your ability to respond to the need for development and personal change is what gives you ‘the edge’ and makes you a key player in the overall success of your role, your
team and your organisation.

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Through Heath’s coaching services I received mindset and emotional tools to differentiate myself in the executive world. I have seen benefits in both my professional and personal life, and recommend Heath for those wanting more out of their role, their life and themselves.

Andrew Webster, Director, Governance Controls, Brunswisk East

Is it time for you to engage a reliable and effective coach?

Organisations and businesses are dynamic systems of people excelling towards a common purpose to reach their highest collaborative potential. How you take up your role has a direct effect on the organisations ability to achieve that purpose.

Your relationship with yourself and others is of great importance. Your physical, emotional and mental state must be conducive to results.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is results focused, practical consultation for enhancing your mindset and behavior in your role, your team, in leadership and life. The outcome is a new level of engagement allowing you to be your best and optimise your professional performance.

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Profit from support

Often people experience a range of issues external to the workplace that have a direct effect on their professional performance. Separating personal and professional life can be difficult, suggesting the need for increased support.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne focuses on developing the ‘whole person’, supporting clients through both personal and professional life challenges in order to increase engagement, improve motivation and regain confidence for peak performance.


Emotional and mental state is key

Peak performers are people who can access the appropriate the emotional and mental states whenever they desire or require. It’s not a gift – it’s a developed competency.

Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is innovative work that will teach you to tap into the resourceful states that matter for performing.

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The benefits of having a personal coach

Personal coaching for business people has become a popular, credible and successful strategy for professional development, enhanced profitability and building better leaders. The benefits of having assistance from someone external to your business are vast.

With Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne you will receive dedicated one-on-one consultation in order to:

  • Engage in personalised and effective processes of behaviour change and mindset development
  • Gain a fresh perspective of your challenges
  • Embrace new ways of thinking through open and confidential dialogue
  • Build high performing teams through individual attention
  • Give current and ‘up-and-coming’ leaders necessary attention

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 Experience observable results and ROI

 Agent of Change Executive Coaching Melbourne is for professionals who are ready to actively participate in improving their performance and their life through engaging in effective processes of behavioural change, mindset development and emotional intelligence.

 You know something’s changed when you experience observable results:

  • Results focused and collaborative team members
  • Accountable, committed and adaptive leaders
  • Improved capability, effectiveness & efficiency
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Increased confidence, motivation, creativity and engagement
  • Enhanced self-awareness (including identifying blind spots)
  • Increased personal accountability
  • Empowering, positive mindsets
  • Improved behavior patterns and relationships
  • Solution focused action
  • Successful role transitions

Clients, peers and reports will notice the difference. Family and friends will too.

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Who is executive coaching for?

  • Individuals, teams and organisations from all sectors
  • Leaders, executives and employees at all levels
  • Business people who wish to enhance specific skill sets e.g. influencing, public speaking, sales, team leadership etc
  • Professionals who are really serious about results

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Methodology and models

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